Meet Crystal & Stacy

So how many of you woke up this morning scrolling through your phone to check all your email, social media sites, and favorite shopping apps?!  It’s crazy how 20- or 30-minutes flies by once we are connected to the web.  The guilt sets in because you could have totally spent that time working out, making lunches or preparing for your day!  Well we’ve got you covered ladies …….

We are Crystal and Stacy, two best friends who live 1,000 miles apart (Michigan & Louisiana) but thanks to this digital world we get to share our lives together every day.   After spending our day caring for our families (we each have 2 beautiful kids and a husband) and patients (we are both Physical Therapists), we spend a lot of time exploring and sharing fashion, fitness, food, beauty……well, pretty much everything.  And now we want to share it with you!  

We created Sparkle In Our Eyes in hopes to inspire you, inform you (we know a couple things about the body), make you smile or just show you something that may put a sparkle in YOUR eye.

 Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, Crystal & Stacy

“Wild women are an explainable spark of life.  They ooze freedom and seek awareness, they belong to nobody but themselves yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet.If you have met one, hold on to her, she’ll allow you into her chaos but she’ll also show you her magic.”