I enjoy long, romantic walks down the makeup isles!

Who has ever lost time when going through a makeup store?!  Me for sure!  There’s always so much to see, try on, smell, and oh so much more!

Well, if you didn’t know, Sephora’s sale starts this week!  Depending on what your status with them is, you could start shopping as early as tomorrow!  Go ahead and fill your carts before all of your favorites sell out!  We’ve compiled some of our favorites to make your shopping easier!  They are also offering FREE shipping as well!  Click the links below to shop!

  1.  You just can’t go wrong with a Buxom lip gloss!  I have a dozen of them and love them all.  Linking one of my faves!
  2.  Dry Bar detox dry shampoo is one of my favorite dry shampoos! Not going to lie, I’ve used it for like 3-4 days in a row without washing my hair!  It’s THAT good!
  3.  So, y’all know I LOVE mascara and I got this Charlotte Tilbury mascara in my holiday box and I haven’t stopped using it since!  It’s amazing and definitely worth purchasing!
  4.  I have always used Smashbox primer because, well, it’s just the bomb!  It keeps my makeup in place all day!
  5.  Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara has always been one of my faves!  I follow with this after I use my Charlotte Tilbury one!  No need for an eyelash curler with this mascara!
  6.  Ouai is one of my favorite leave in conditioners because it also has the heat protectant in it!  I use this anytime after I wash my hair!  Did I mention the smell is amazing?
  7.   Supergoop sunscreen oil lotion is one of my favorite sunscreens.  Why?  Because it moisturizing your still, it doesn’t make you feel sticky, and it smells good!  I love their lip balm as well!
  8. Tan Luxe face drops are a must! I never let my face see the sun without a hat on!  That’s because I’ve had skin cancer and just don’t ever want to go through that again.  So, I cover it up, but I’m still able to match my tan body to my face with the help of these drops!  I add 2-3 drops to my face lotion at night and when I wake up, I have a beautiful glow!
  9.  If you have ever been on vacation with me, you know I bring my beachwaver curling iron with me everywhere!  It is one of my favorites!  It’s super easy to use and the curls are to die for!
  10.  If it’s still cold where you are, you have to try out this St. Tropez tanning mousse!  I have tried a ton of them, and this is the one that keeps me tan the longest and gives me the best color without a stinky scent! Here’s the link for the glove that you will need to apply it!
  11. Lastly, my favorite eyebrow pencil!  It’s so easy to go on and so easy to use!  Anastasia Hills did it right with this one!

Happy shopping!  I’ll leave you with this quote that I saw and thought, this is SO true, so I wanted to share!



xoxo, Crystal & Stacy
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