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Hi, it’s Stacy here and today I want to share with you my top hair and beauty products that I CANNOT live without that make my life soooooo much easier.  I don’t have time for Glam on the weekdays so I want to share with you today some great products that I have used for years that are lifesavers!

xoxo, Crystal & Stacy


Juice Beauty BB Cream
When I was pregnant for my first child I changed my beauty routine to be as natural and organic as possible and happened to stumble upon this BB cream with SPF 30. I use the "Sand" color in the winter and "Tan" in the summer. The consistency of this stuff is rich and very moisturizing and creates an extremely dewy and fresh look to your face. I prefer a dewy look opposed to a matte look, just like I have stepped out of the ocean. It has great coverage and I don't wear foundation or anything over it. This stuff is filled with plant based powerful antioxidants and mineral coverage with zinc to protect from the sun. The Juice Beauty brand has grown tremendously since I first started using it and has some really great products! Definitely worth checking out!
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Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo
This is perhaps my biggest time saver in life. Not only does it freshen up your hair between washings but it also helps hide regrowth between salon visits. I think I had tried almost every dry shampoo out there and I have to say this is the best for BLONDES, not sure the white film would be the best for brunettes. ****Second runner up for dry shampoos is Bumble & Bumble.
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Blinc Amplified Mascara
Mascara is probably the most annoying thing to remove each night.....and think of all the tugging, rubbing, and damage you do to the sensitive area around your eyes with wash clothes, Q-tips and cotton pads to get that stuff off. And yet you still wake up with some black under your eyes! Well this mascara not only glides on beautifully, it also glides off the same way.......in tubes! You just wet your fingers and hold them up to your eye and BLINC that black stuff right off your eyelashes. You will never wake up with black under your eye again. Brilliant!
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