Gym Hacks: Incline TREADMILL

So you’re trying to step up your treadmill intensity????? First off, it’s Stacy here and my lovely model today is a good friend who just turned 70 this week! Happy Birthday Spud!  Spud is responsible for making me a long distance runner and has been a great encouragement and example in my own fitness journey and to many others I know.

See this image often at your gym? Maybe you have tried to walk on an incline yourself. The image on your left is a waste of your time if you’re walking on an incline to up your resistance and strength. The great part of walking on an incline Treadmill is that it is a great added challenge for cardiovascular endurance and really digs in deeper to strengthen the legs and core. You burn a significant amount more calories than just walking flat and get a lot more bang for your buck!

Except………….DO NOT HOLD ONTO THE HANDLES (unless your falling….or getting older like Spud).

By holding onto the treadmill during this exercise you completely take out all the work for your core and postural stabilizers along with decreasing recruitment of the muscles in your legs that you are trying to improve (hamstrings and glutes).

If your having trouble keeping your balance just decrease your speed and really dig those heels into the treadmill to get that backside working. Hope this helps you when hitting the gym in 2020!

xoxo, Crystal & Stacy
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