I thought you said Pie & Lattes

What is a pilates reformer you ask?  It has become one of my go to exercise classes that I try to attend at least 2-3 times a week along with HIIT classes.  Even though it’s not as high intensity as HIIT classes, you can rest assured that you will be a sweaty mess after class.  


There are many different types of reformers. I work out on balanced body reformers, so I’m going to focus my discussion on these.  Basically, the reformer enables you to change resistance for each exercise. You are able to work your whole body in one workout. It’s highly effective in lengthening and strengthening to get that long and lean look most of us go for!  


The classes I attend at Evolve studios in Mandeville, La typically begin with a 5-10 minute warm up, followed by 15 minutes of core, 15 minutes of legs, and 15 minutes of arms.  Keep in mind, that even if we are focusing on the core, you are most likely getting secondary arms and/or leg workout too!  


If you haven’t tried a class, I’d highly recommend you do!  It’s a game changer! 


xoxo, Crystal & Stacy
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