Tired of pain in your neck?

What can I do to stretch out my neck? It’s always so tight!  

By the time we finish our day, I would venture to guess that most of us have some sort of neck tightness or pain.  Most women tend to carry their stress in their traps (the muscle that runs from your neck to your shoulder). We also have our bra straps pushing down on us as well as our heavy ass purses.  Did I mention trying to multitask and hold your phone with your ear to your shoulder all can cause increased muscle tightness or restriction?  

Here are 2 simple exercises you can incorporate during your day that will take little to no time. 

Also, here is my one of my favorite tools to keep on hand.  It’s like a self massager but better. It can be used anywhere on your body to relieve muscle tightness.  

Also, I grab this in the clinic ALL the time!  The hypervolt by hyperice is amazing!  You can use it on yourself on just about any part of your body!  It helps decrease muscle tightness, muscle soreness, and it just feels dang good!



Hope this helps get rid of the pain in your neck!  


xoxo, Crystal & Stacy
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