All Taped up and Ready to Go!

Over the last few days I’ve seen a lot more people out on the streets going for a run/walk and getting some fresh air.  We all need to do that right now to stay sane and healthy.  A bummer to hear that the Olympics have been postponed to 2021 as I love to watch all those strong, brave and incredible specimens compete.  Have you noticed during the summer Olympics that you will see many athletes wearing that colorful looking tape all over their bodies? What are they doing? Most likely, they are hoping not to flare up an area of their body that often gives them pain and/or inflammation. The idea behind Kinesiotape is to “lift” the skin away from the underlying structures to reduce swelling, scar tissue, pain and overactive muscle activity.  Kinesiotape can work wonders for improving correct muscle contraction, healing inflammation,and improving posture. Of course you should always seek the advice of a professional like a Physical Therapist on how to apply the tape but I have seen some great demonstration videos on YouTube from Physical Therapists that can work when your in a bind. As we approach the height of running season, remember this tool to help you get over minor aches and pains.

xoxo, Crystal & Stacy

KT athletic tape
Precut strips
KT tape can be worn up to 5 days. Skin must be clean with no lotions or hair before application for best stick. Comes in latex free form and is designed to facilitate the body's natural healing process. *** Be aware that if applied incorrectly this tape could in fact do more harm so seek professional advice.
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KT Blister Treatment Patch
We have gotten a lot of good feedback from runners on these blister patches. They have hydrocolloid gel in them and claim to heal up to 2X faster than traditional bandages therefore getting you back to your sport much quicker. I imagine they would be beneficial on your heels after a night of dancing in high heels too!!
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ZenToes Broken Toe Wraps - 4 Pack
I'm a believer that everyone should have these in their medicine cabinets next to their bandaids as it is estimated that most of us will and have broken a toe in their life.....usually the pinky toe (I've already broken mine twice). Unless bone has poked through the skin or the bone is broken in multiple pieces most doctors simply just tape the toes together and send you on your way. These little wraps can be a lifesaver....especially on vacation when your exposing those little toes to more danger while wearing flip flops!
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