For this Earth we adore, Let’s ALL Do More!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!  Have I ever noticed earth day before…..maybe…..when the kids brought home an earth day art work or from hearing about it on the news.  But this year it means just a little bit more.  We have been taking some pretty extreme measures lately to protect everyone who inhabits this earth.  Over the last few weeks we have seen a significant amount of improvement in cleaner air and water worldwide.  However, climate change projects and the money that funds them will likely not survive this pandemic.  So what can you do to help today?  Lets do a few little things to do our part since we have time and teach our children the significance along the way.  Here are 20 suggestions you and your family can try to implement into your life! (maybe just try 5 of them to start??):

  1.  Clean up trash along the street you live on.
  2. Plant a tree or even a few flowers!
  3. Give up chewing gum (yup this stuff is made up of synthetic rubber that doesn’t decompose well).
  4. Shop and Eat more vegetables from your local farmers.
  5. Drive less, Bike/Walk more.
  6. Buy reusable water bottles, STOP using plastic bottled water.
  7. STOP using Plastic Straws, opt for Silicone or stainless steel ones instead.
  8. Switch all your bills to paperless while you have some extra time.  Also pay bills online.
  10. Turn OFF your lights and use fluorescent bulbs .
  11. Use reusable shopping bags (when they are allowed again of course)
  12. Eat less processed foods (SOOOO much wasted packaging).
  13. Use rechargeable batteries (this is seriously a life saver at our house)
  14. Use paper based cotton buds .
  15. Work from home…….well isn’t that convenient !
  16. Turn down the temperature in your home, especially at night and during hours that your not home.
  17. Service your car regularly and use your cruise control.
  18. Share a shower or shorten shower time……still trying to figure out if this one will work well in my house?
  19. DON’T preheat your oven……apparently this isn’t needed unless your making bread…..who knew?
  20. DON’T pre-rinse your dishes, you will save an average of 20 gallons of water per load!


xoxo, Crystal & Stacy

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