How are you rolling this summer?

It has been 3 long months now that most of us have been home.  Some of you may be reading this sitting at your make-shift home offices which are kitchen tables and islands with bar stools.  You have noticed some increased neck strain, forward shoulder posture and new aches and pains all over.  Not to mention, the posterior muscles of your body have been sat on too much and are shortened from the seated position of having your hips and knees bent all day.  By now, most people own their own foam roller in their collection of coronavirus gym equipment.  So what can you start to do with it to reverse some of the damage you have done???  Here are a couple of ideas!



Hamstring and Glute Stretch
Placing the foam roller under your leg, gently push your body back and forth from the knee to the glute. Do this for approximately 60 seconds and then switch legs. Repeat again 1-2 times if necessary. This is a myofascial release technique that works best if you have had a proper warm-up and blood flow to the area.
Posture Stretch
By resting with the end of your foam roller on the base of your skull and along your spine you can use variable arm postiions to stretch out the anterior portion of your body. By laying with shoulders and elbows bent at 90/90 you will feel your shoulder blades fall with gravity and wrap around the roller. Do this stretch for 2-3 minutes. You can then add some more mobility to your spine and ribs by alternating your arms overhead or both together at the same time. You will mostly likely feels lots of things moving and popping. Add some light weights into your hands to advance.
Camel Bridge
Can you do this stretch? If you have proper mobility and muscle length in your knees, hips, back and shoulders you probably can. Make this a goal to undo all your forward posture behaviors throughout the day and stretch out the anterior aspect of the body. Work for up to a minute in this pose!
Trigger Point Release Foam Roller
If you have a particular problem area in your body that needs a deeper myofascial release try a more intense foam roller like this!
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