“Scars are stories. Scars are memoirs. They are beauty for they are yours.” -Kora G.

Whether you had a c-section, orthopaedic surgery, mastectomy, or anything else, you most likely have a scar that will remind you of this event forever!  


If you were to come to physical therapy after one of these procedures, we would begin gentle scar mobilizations between 6-8 weeks.  This is highly important to prevent keloiding of the scar and to keep the scar from getting bound down.  


If a scar gets bound down, let’s say after a hysterectomy, it could cause increased pain in your abdominal region.  You could have trouble stretching out due to the tightness. Your scar could feel like a rope due to the scar tissue. 


Point of the story is, if you have a scar that you aren’t able to move around like the rest of your other skin, you might want to look into seeing a physical therapist to assess your situation….especially if you are having increased pain or have restrictions in this area! 


xoxo, Crystal & Stacy
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