What are you reading??

We have been seeing so many GREAT reading lists out the last few weeks!  After graduate school, it took Crystal & I a solid decade to ever want to read a book cover to cover again.  In fact, Crystal still prefers all her reading to be done on Audible.  I choose good old fashion hard cover books with book markers made by my kids.  I just wanted to share last weeks read with you because I found it very educational and also very important in understanding our bodies and how what we put in them really does affect us more than you could ever imagine.  The book I read is a New York Times Bestseller called Genius Foods.  It is written by Max Lugavere who went on a mission to try and understand what is causing dementia/Alzheimer’s after his mother was diagnosed.  Max went all around the world learning from physicians and from all the latest studies.  He started uncovering what our lifestyle choices and diet are doing not only to our brains but how they affect all areas of our life including predisposing us to many other diseases.  If you love reading about science and diet or about improving your lifestyle through nutrition , I highly recommend this book.  Max makes a pretty convincing argument on the benefits of Keto and Intermittent Fasting diets too if your in to that.  Lots of great information on how to decrease inflammation in the body and how to incorporate “good” fats into your diet to protect those brains.  Even Dr. Oz uses this books teachings to help his own mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Its one of those books you can read cover to cover or just pull from the topics your interested in. He also has a book out now called The Genius Life that I plan to read next!  Check the blog later this week to hear about what Crystal has been reading.

xoxo, Crystal & Stacy

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